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Private initiative, Public support

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The KCFA is an independent, private initiative and is funded and managed by Member firms.

The Alliance recognises the importance of the role local government plays in the regional economy; particularly the support it provides to businesses through its various agencies.  The Alliance perceives one of its key roles as helping advise those in government how best to support local entrepreneurs and regional industry. The KCFA is pleased to work closely with Kent County Council and the Kent Economic Board and proud of the following endorsements:

Paul Carter

Leader, Kent County Council

"Kent County Council values the contribution made to the economy and its regional enterprises by the Kent Corporate Finance Alliance through the panoply of financial services and talent offered by its members to the Kent business community. We applaud this example of cooperation amongst the professions and hope that it can find relevance as an example for other domains within our business community."

Bobby Neame

Chairman, Kent Ambassadors & Chairman, Shepherd Neame Ltd

"As Chairman of the Kent Ambassadors I am delighted to see the emergence of an alliance of Kent based professionals working in the finance sector whose objectives and goals coincide so closely those of the Kent Ambassadors. The greater the number of people pulling together in one direction, the greater our certainty of success in assisting Kent economic activity to grow and prosper."

Geoff Miles

Chairman, Kent Economic Board

"The Kent Economic Board welcomes the initiative put forward by the Kent Corporate Finance Alliance from those regional professionals with expertise in the disciplines of financial services and their auxiliary activities .This support is positive for the continued growth of the Kent economy."

Paul Wookey

Chief Executive, Locate in Kent

"Locate in Kent is encouraged by the formation of the Kent Corporate Finance Alliance as this group will complement our activities in attracting new businesses to Kent. The existence of a professional financial infrastructure plays a key role in attracting and reassuring new companies to the area."