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Glossary of Terms

Set out below is a Glossary of standard transactional terminology for private equity and corporate finance transactions. Use the filter menu if you are looking for a specific term, or to navigate the Glossary alphabetically.

IBOAn institutional buy-out is when a private equity house acquires the majority stake within a management buy-out. It can also be when the private equity house purchases the business in total and then allocates a minority stake to the current or incoming management.

IFRSInternational Financial Reporting Standard

Information memorandum (IM)A document which is issued to prospective investors of a project or business. It is provided for the sole purpose of assisting the investor in deciding whether they wish to proceed in further investigation. It usually specifies the confidentially agreements by which the recipient needs to abide by as the document often contains sensitive information.

IPOBeing an initial public offer. Shares in the company are placed on a stock exchange.

IRRInternal Rate of Return