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KCFA website launch a resounding success

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20 October 2010

Kent Corporate Finance Alliance Launch: leading the charge for high quality, reasonably priced transactional advice across the South East

On Tuesday 19th October 2010, Members of the Kent Corporate Finance Alliance were joined by members of local government and key business leaders to celebrate the launch of the KCFA website.

At the event, Paul Carter, Leader of Kent County Council commented "Kent County Council values the contribution made to the economy and its regional enterprises by the KCFA through the panoply of financial services and talent offered by its members to the Kent business community. We applaud this example of cooperation amongst the professions and hope that it can find relevance as an example for other domains within our business community."

KCFA Members are dedicated to enabling client companies and management teams achieve strong growth in profitability and shareholder value in the wake of the economic downturn.  As such, we are pleased to announce our membership of the Kent Corporate Finance Alliance (“KCFA”); a collaborative organisation of professional services firms, all of whom are focused on delivering expert Corporate Finance and Transactional advice.

The KCFA brings together deal leaders providing lead advisory, legal, private equity, banking and transactional accountancy services, all of whom operate locally, but have vast experience of transactions on an international basis.  KCFA Members are committed to providing quality, experienced, reasonably priced advice and working together to bring to bear a deep knowledge of the regional business environment and contacts on behalf of clients.

The KCFA is an independent, private sector initiative with strong support from government agencies and key business leaders. It is anticipated that this professional services blueprint will stimulate transactional activity across the South East and underscore Kent’s position as a veritable centre of excellence for quality transactional advice.

The KCFA is led by an Independent Chairman; successful and experienced international corporate executive Robert de Fougerolles, who is passionate about Kent business.    Speaking at the launch,  Mr. de Fougerolles said, “Our Members have a common aim – to provide direct, consistent and dependable business advice to organisations of all sizes across the region. In the wake of the demise of the Regional Development Agencies, we believe that our commitment to best practice will improve Kent’s economic growth and financial stability and establish the County as a hot bed of transactional activity.”

Author:James Lawson