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The result is 'out'

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The British Public has voted to 'leave' the European Union. On a day of political shocks that has seen the 'Leave' campaign win with 51.9% of the vote and Prime Minister David Cameron announce his resignation, McBrides Managing Partner Nick Paterno urges owner managed businesses to stay calm and to look ahead.

Nick Paterno said:

"Whatever your politics, yesterday's vote for Brexit will be truly seismic.

"But unless you work in the markets or are about to buy your holiday cash there will be little immediate impact on you or your business.

"To my mind, the greater risk is that business just stops and recession may well follow.  We have all had our fill of that over recent years.

"Aside from market gyrations there will be no short term next move. This decision is likely to take years to implement, if indeed it is implemented in full. And people will still want to and need to trade.

"So my plea to all OMBs out there is don't panic. Carry on as you would before on a day-to-day basis and it may well be that this decision has a much softer landing than many business people anticipate."

Author:McBrides LLP