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Reeves and GB Freeski chill out

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Reeves and GB Freeski chill out 

Reeves are proud to support GB Freeski in the build up to the Winter Olympics in Sochi in 2014. As part of this partnership, on Tuesday 15 October 2013, a team of 9 from Reeves, including two partner’s, Nigel Fright and Shirley Smith, were coached by GB Freeski’s Head Coach Pat Sharples and some of the athletes at an exclusive clinic and team building day at Manchester’s Chill Factore.

Dubbed the ‘FReeveski’ clinic, during the day, Reeves staff and partners took part in a packed programme, receiving a warm address by Great Britain’s elite athletes, familiarising themselves with the vibrant Freeski world before talking teamwork, commitment, tax and sport accounting, taking a behind-the-scenes glimpse at the future of British freeskiing and Winter Olympic snowsport and hitting the slopes.

Pat Sharples structured the day’s accelerated on-the-slope clinics which saw Reeves staff and partners – novice freeskiers – progress through basic technique, confidence building, to box, pipe and jump tricking with on-slope action photoshoots by the close of play.

Elite athletes Rowan Cheshire, Pete Speight, Molly Summerhayes and World #5 Slopestyler Katie Summerhayes were on hand to guide, inspire and ignite the day’s achievements on and off slope,

and pick up a few valuable tax and accounting tips along the way!

Rowan Cheshire, Bronze medal winner at the New Zealand North Face Open and one of the targets of Reeves’ Re:Talent young athlete funding, commented; “We’ve had a couple of epic wipeout’s and a few pretty good 180’s and near perfect 360’s. I started freeski on the indoor slopes so it’s great to host Reeves here after all their support for us”.

Pat Sharples commented: “This is a super quick learning curve for anyone fresh out of the office, without recent skiing early in the season, pulling twists and jumps on modules at the steep top end of the slope. You’ve got to be having fun to get the confidence and skill together so fast. I’m so stoked at all the performances, and the supporting each other throughout, we’ve made a few new freeskiers, we love working

together on these days, bring on the next session!”

What some of the Reeves staff said about the day

“I loved the variation in the activities – and in freeski – it was amazing. We’ve had the freedom to develop our style so quickly and work as a team with outstanding support and encouragement from Pat and the team’s fantastically talented athletes. We’ve gained a lot in confidence and understanding as a corporate group from a great day, and we’ll be keeping up with the Sochi qualifications over the next few months”.

Andrew Ericson, Analyst Programmer at Reeves

“It was the most fun we have had at work in a long time! We were even doing a few tricks by the end of the day and Pat seemed to be genuinely impressed by our progress although I don’t think we will be challenging for the Winter Olympics team just yet!”

Alex Knight, Business Services Senior Manager, Reeves

“Pat Sharples could not stop thanking us for all the support that Reeves have provided them with and being able to see what we have done to help progress the team was awesome. The junior team that we were with were amazing and again as a complete novice to the world of skiing I was transfixed by the work they did on the slopes. Overall a fantastic experience that I will never forget”.

Hannah Davis, Business Services, Reeves

“We had a very memorable, energising and completely fun day. We were made very welcome by everyone and their actions matched their words of appreciation of the support that Reeves have offered the team”.

Jeremy Marshall, Corporate Senior Manager, Reeves

Nigel Fright, newly appointed Managing Partner at Reeves, commented; “It was incredible to be on the slope with some of the GB team and learn more about all the exciting challenges they’ve got coming up. I wish GB Freeski the best of luck in all their upcoming competitions and look forward to working with them throughout the coming months. We are delighted to be helping them and to be a part of the team behind the team!”

Reeves’ will be inviting some of their clients to the next one of these events, places are very limited but if this is something you would be interested in, please let your usual Reeves contact know.