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Burgess Marine - A brief insight

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 Burgess Marine – a brief insight into a Kent based Ship Repairer who is doing things just a little differently

Tuesday, 25th February 2014
Medway Innovation Centre

KCFA’s networking event took place on Tuesday 25th February at Medway Innovation Centre.  The event was a huge success with great turn out of KCFA members and Chairman John Harley expressing his appreciation to those that attended.

The event started off with a lively presentation by Nick Warren, Managing Director of Burgess Marine.  The insightful presentation into Burgess Marine developed into an engaging session with KCFA members starting discussion around the company and its development over the past few years.

During the presentation, Nick not only shared early experience of his involvement in the business but also how he turned the business around into generating £25 million revenue this year.  Nick took the audience through the Burgess Marine journey; from being a company that repaired ferries locally in Dover, to one who expanded activity nationwide and abroad.

In the second half of the presentation Nick shared his experience of working with KCFA members Reeves, Brachers and HSBC who advised and supported Burgess Marine during their acquisition of Testbank that made Burgess Marine Britain’s largest independent ship repairer company in southern England.

The event was drawn to a successful end by the Chairman John Harley who announced launch of KCFA Best Deal of the year 2013.

KCFA Best Deal of the Year awards were launched last year with huge success with the aim to recognise best deals carried out by KCFA members in Kent and South East region throughout the year. 

The awards nominations are now open for nominations until Monday 31st March, with voting taking place throughout April.  The KCFA Best Deal of the Year 2013 will be presented on Thursday 9th May. 

To submit your deal for KCFA Best Deal of the Year 2013 please click here