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Creaseys names Tunbridge Wells Crisis Recovery as its ‘charity of the year’

Creaseys, the Tunbridge Wells-based accountancy firm, has named local charity Tunbridge Wells Crisis Recovery (TWCR) as its ‘charity of the year’. TWCR is a Christian charity staffed by trained volunteers, which supports people with addiction issues by providing both practical support and access to a 10 Steps Recovery Programme, designed to help people with addictions.

“Traditionally we have been supported by Christian organisations locally but, this year, we didn’t ask for their financial support as there are a number of other initiatives which they’ve been asked to back,” says Alan Richards from TWCR. “So, we are really grateful to Creaseys for stepping forward to fill that gap for us.”

Creaseys has acted as TWCR’s independent auditor for a number of years now – so the firm is familiar with the important work which the charity does in both Tunbridge Wells and Tonbridge.

“Each year we support a charity as part of our strong CSR programme here at Creaseys,” says Emma Roberts, Chief Executive of Creaseys. “Our CSR team visited TWCR and was very impressed by the work that they do. They were particularly struck by the practical help that the charity provides – particularly offering warm clothes in the recent cold snap.”

For the past eight years, TWCR has run a centre in Tunbridge Wells from the United Reformed Church. The centre is available to everyone and open Monday mornings during the ‘winter’ half of the year when the weather is most inclement. Recovery courses are available throughout the year.

“We open our doors to homeless people and individuals with drug and alcohol issues,” Alan explains. “At the centre, we offer practical advice and help – such as warm clothes, hot drinks and a shower. Our team provides advice and sometimes is able to help people find accommodation through referral to other agencies. We also encourage those seeking employment and refer our guests to other organisations, depending on their particular situation.”

He adds: “We are there to listen, which is very important and, as a Christian organisation, offer prayer. We work to build relationships with our guests and establish their trust.”

TWCR also offers the opportunity to take part in a Christian 10 Steps Recovery Programme, which the organisation runs at the Tonbridge URC Christ Church Centre. This is designed to help people with addictions through God’s help and strength and covers reconciliation with God, reconciliation with ‘ourselves’ and, finally, reconciliation with ‘others’.

“We are only a small charity and although we don’t deal with a lot of people, it makes a big difference to those who are helped and encouraged to move forward in their lives,” Alan adds.

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Author:Creaseys Chartered Accountants