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Manor Royal Monaco Challenge

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Reeves complete the Manor Royal Monaco Challenge

Reeves, one of the South East’s leading Accountancy and Financial Service firms, are proud to announce that they accomplished the 'Manor Royal Monaco Challenge 2013' which was arranged by Gatwick Diamond Business (gdb) to raise funds for 13 local charities.

On Saturday 11th May 2013 at 04:30 a team of four Partners from Reeves; Paul Roe, Allan Pinner, Shirley Smith and Fiona Hotston Moore, went head to head with a team from gdb; Jeremy Taylor, David Montgomery and Steve Pullen, with the aim of proving that the car is quicker than public transport between Crawley and Monaco.

The partners made a steady (and legal) journey, they did so well that they were awarded the trophy for (allegedly) being the only team to drive down within the speed limit and avoiding fixed penalties on the way. The Reeves team arrived at 20:30 which was last and 45 minutes after those on public transport and three hours behind the fastest drivers.

The team decided to skip breakfast and set off back at 06:30 on 12 May which was very early but this meant they were able to drive around the Grand Prix circuit and take a few photos of expensive cars and massive boats. Leaving when they did meant they caught the Eurotunnel train at 22:20 and finally returned to Crawley at 23:00 after 1,750 miles and 32 ½ hours worth of travelling. Others who decided to leave later were caught in heavy traffic and did not get on the train until 01:47 Monday morning.

So, it is possible to prove that the car is faster than public transport depending on your attitude to speed and risk of detection!

The twelve teams competing have raised over £17,000 for local Gatwick charities so far.

Paul Roe, Partner at Reeves and based in the Gatwick office, comments; “This challenge was exciting, fun, and tiring at times. We’re were all very proud to be taking part in this challenge to help raise money for so many worthy causes. We pride ourselves on Corporate Social Responsibility and giving back to our local community wherever we can”.